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'Hot Mom' Maria Kang Creates 'No Excuse Mom' Calendar for 2014 Filled With Health And Fitness Tips (PHOTOS)

By Zulai Serrano | Dec 30, 2013 04:38 PM EST

Maria Kang
Maria Kang has created "No Excuse Mom" fitness calendar for 2014. (Photo : Facebook)

"Fit Mom" Maria Kang is taking her health enthusiasm a step further by working with other "Hot Moms" to create a fitness calendar.

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Kang used her "What's Your Excuse?" campaign to reach out to other woman by encouraging them to lead a "healthier" lifestyle. The fitness enthusiast released the following statement about the calendar on her official Facebook page:

"Are you ready for 2014?!! This is my first effort in launching what I believe to be one of your best investments towards a healthy future. Not only do I offer my success rules and home workouts, but I have 24 other moms who have united from all over the world sharing their before/after images and tips on exercise, nutrition and time management! These mothers represent different ages, sizes and shapes and show how their healthy body manifests through nurturing it, loving it, BUT not accepting it in its past (unhealthy) form. They are REAL ROLE MODELS.

"Be Inspired 12 months out of the year! The First Official No Excuse Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar is on sale now for $11.99! Portion of proceeds are benefiting a fitness nonprofit and building FREE No Excuse Mom Groups. Quantity is Limited, Order yours today! Shipment begins Jan 7th!" (You can get the calender here)

View photos from the "No Excuse Mom" calendar here.

Maria Kang with her three boys, the image that started all of the controversy.  (Photo: Facebook)
Maria Kang with her three boys, the image that started all of the controversy. (Photo: Facebook)

Kang has embraced her "What's Your Excuse?" motto since it went viral in October. The mother of three boys showed off her body in a photo shoot, and received backlash for "fat-shaming" women. However, Kang has explained herself through multiple outlets to clear up the confusion behind the message that many people agree with: motherhood shouldn't hold you back.

For example, Beyoncé released the fourth part of her behind-the-scenes documentary of her self-titled, visual album. In the video the singer explained she worked hard to "get her body back," revealing she lost 65 pounds after her pregnancy.

"Just because you become a mother, it doesn't mean you lose who you are," Beyoncé said in the documentary.

Watch what Beyoncé had to say about motherhood below.

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