The discovery of the five debris of an aircraft, bythe  locals of Saint Luce south east coast of Madagascar was then handed over to Blaine Gibson. As a wreckage hunter, he supported the theory that MH370 tragedy was caused by a fire in the cockpit. That is, if the debris would be confirmed belonging to the ill-fated airplane.

However, recently the Australian Transport Safety Bureau dismissed the theory based on the observations they have made with the debris. Out of the five debris, only two looked like being discolored by fire.

But the Bureau said the discoloration wasn't caused by heat. It was related exclusively to a translucent resin that had been applied to those surfaces. The burnt smell debris could not be credited to the crash since a short period of environmental exposure would dissipate the odor, the Bureau added.

However still, the possibility of fire on board could not be disproved nor proved since the debris seems to be not from Malaysia Airlines  MH370. If this theory would totally be disproved, then top from the list of possibilities that could be supported well by Science is the pilot's suicide.

The alleged possible problem of the pilot Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah might be the cause of the crash. The airplane wing found was confirmed to be from the airplane. Its retracted appearance was caused by the strong and sudden impact of the sea.

This supported the claim that it was rerouted and crashed on purpose, since the airplane wing would not appear retracted if soft landing in the ocean was attempted.

The pilot's alleged messaging to a woman friend that suggested a personal matter and the allegation that he was already separated from his wife though they still stay together in one roof, reinforced this claim.

The evidence that would prove that the cause of the disappearance or crash of the said flight MH370 was or was not from airline liability would lesser or greater the compensation the family of the 239 passengers claimed.