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Death toll from Indonesian landslide, flood has risen to 27

Flood in Garut and landslide in Sumedang left 27 dead and 22 others were missing while environmental agency warned of more floods and landslide.

By Menahem Zen | Sep 23, 2016 12:46 PM EDT

Garut regency relief map
Garut regency relief map with Kaso river.
(Photo : Wikimedia Commons/Maps for Free/Dr. Blofeld)


A devastating flood in Garut and a landslide in Sumedang, two small town regencies in West Java, left 27 people dead while 22 others were missing as of Friday.

Environmental agency official has further warned residents about upcoming floods and landslides due to the deterioration of riverside.

Torrential rain that poured in since Tuesday, Sept. 20, has resulted to the overflowing of Cimanuk and Cikamur rivers, which flooded the small town of Garut, according to Jakarta Post.

The fast-rising flood swept through the district Bayongbong in Garut.

Meanwhile, Sumedang was hit with a massive landslide as the village was whisked with an avalanche of mud, rock and water on Tuesday. Three people are reported dead and one is still missing, according to ABC News.

Head of Indonesia's National Disaster Management Agency Willem Rampangilei on Thursday said relief teams and army personnel have been deployed. The water has subsided on Thursday, but the small town of Garut was torn apart as houses reduced to rubles and debris scattered in the muddy street.

According to local environment agency, as reported by local newspaper, the flood has been predicted. The agency said that 60 percent of the Cimanuk riverside has been deteriorated due to land development. Other than that, the steep topography of Garut also increases the speed of water that swept the area.

Torrential rains in the two monsoon seasons in Indonesia frequently trigger widespread flooding across most parts of the country. The first monsoon season begins from January to March and the second one is October to December.

Last June, a heavy down pouring sent torrents of water, mud and rock into a rural communities in Boyolali, Central Java leaving 50 people dead.

Watch the event captured by camera when the flood swept away in Garut, West Java as reported by iNews




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