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Having trouble finding torrent sites? Top 4 Best Torrent Sites revealed

With other downloading sites being shut down, reliable Torrent hubs are hard to find nowadays. Fortunately, some torrent sites are still up and running. Here's the list of the Top 4 best torrent sites in the world.

By Czarry May Martin | Sep 23, 2016 10:00 AM EDT

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay (Photo : Image belongs to the official website of The Pirate Bay.)

Are you having trouble finding a reliable torrent site? Well, you are not alone. The fact is, it is really hard to get by a reliable torrent site these days.

Torrent sites, nowadays, are being closed down either by the government or by the sites themselves primarily because of copyright issues.

Torrent sites are always subject to copyrights debacles, anti-piracy groups and government authorities. In turn, the sites continually find ambiguities and loopholes so they can continue their operations.

Kickass Torrents was one of the most trusted Torrent website before it got shut down. In July, the website faced legal suits and was closed by the U.S. government. Months later, Torrentz voluntarily shut down to avoid government crackdown like Kickass Torrents.  

Now, TorrentHound, another popular and long-running torrent site, voluntarily closed its site. Initially, some speculated that the reason for the shutdown is legalities, again. But extended digging reveals that the real reason is low traffic, which led to loss in confidence among team members.

Fortunately, for all avid Torrent fans, you still have a lot of options for Torrent sites you can access.

These are the most reliable, provided that you know which safe torrent to select. Just make sure you check the reviews and comments section before you actually download.

1.    The Pirate Bay is a trusted Swedish-based Torrent site, which continuous to survive probe and lawsuits. The Pirate Bay is the most accessed torrent site ever since the shutdown of the three other Torrent sites mentioned above.

2.    ExtraTorrent site recently had clashes with Google and government of London. Amidst these issues, it remains as one of the most reliable Torrent sites.

3. went live after Kickass Torrents bid goodbye. The Torrent site is like a duplicate of Kickass Torrents.

4.    RARBG has the most user-friendly site among the famous ones.

Note: The Torrent sites mentioned above may contain pirated content. You may proceed at your own risk.




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