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‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 spoilers and air date: Will Saitama finally meet his match?

Numerous reports are now claiming that the most anticipated second season of “One Man Punch” is coming next month.

By Staff Writer | Sep 23, 2016 04:56 AM EDT

One Punch Man
(Photo : Facebook/Toonami)

Several reports indicate that the much-awated second season of the popular anime "One Punch Man" will show next month.

The first season of the show first aired in Japan in October 2015 until December of the same year. It gained a large number of viewers around the world and many are now waiting for the second season to air. According to Mobile & Apps, many reports revealed that "One Man Punch" season 2 will air in October. It was reported that the second season will finally hit the small screens after the English-dubbed version of season 1 will end in Toonami.

Although there are still no official announcements given by the studio, there have been leaks and speculations on what will fans expect on season 2. Many sites reveal that season 2 will become more exciting as there will be new villains who will challenge Saitama. It was said that these new enemies are stronger compared to the enemies Saitama faced in season 1.

Game & Guide reported that fans can expect more exciting fight scenes in season 2. In the previous season, Silver Fang's old apprentice, Garou will gain a lot of strength from his trainings. It was also reported that he will also become a powerful villain who will match Saitama's powerful punches. With that, there are rumors that claim that Saitama will experience his very first defeat in season 2.

There are also reports surfaced that after parting ways, Genos and Saitama will reunite again in season 2, but this time as enemies. Saitama will also reunite with a previous enemy as there are reports stating that Lord Boros who was defeated by Saitama in season 1 will also be resurrected in season 2. Will he finally have his revenge against the strongest hero on earth?  Fans will have to wait for more details this month. 



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