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WWE updates: Emma's return highly anticipated

WWE Superstar Emma undergone surgery because of a ruptured disc at her back. However, she is expected to return soon.

By Dean Edward Carayag | Sep 23, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

Emma's return to WWE awaited
Emma has yet to return from WWE as she has yet to recover from her surgery. (Photo : Sportskeeda)

According to Bleacher Report, WWE Superstar Emma suffered an injury during a live event that required surgery. This took place sometime during May of this year. The timing of this injury was indeed terrible because it seemed that she was headed towards a rivalry with Becky Lynch at that time. 

After quite sometime, it has been revealed on her Twitter that she is cleared and ready to perform once again. However, she was already cleared six week ago. According to Heavy News, she was even very much frustrated why the company is taking a long time to get her back in the ring. Even WWE Superstar Nikki Bella returned three days after she was cleared. Although this could be WWE trying to find the right time to get Emma back in or it could be that it takes a while to get back into shape and perform again. Fans could expect her return to be after WWE Clash of Champions. 

Before she had her injury, she had a story line being partners with Dana Brooke. This team would usually beat up Becky Lynch when Raw and Smackdown was still one entity. After her injury, Dana Brooke ended up as WWE Women's Champion Charlotte's protege. Fans are hoping that Emma would still be in this storyline. However this may not be the case. 

Emma also missed this year's WWE Draft, which means there's no confirmation yet if she would either end up in Raw or Smackdown. Rumours have been made by Cageside seats saying that Emma is more likely to end up in Smackdown live rather than Raw. This would be nice for her as well, considering that her real life boyfriend Zack Ryder also resides in Smackdown. Although it would be better if she did end up in Raw considering there are around six women wrestlers active there, while Smackdown has around seven. 

For now plans remain unclear as to which wrestling brand Emma will end up with, but her return is sure to come anytime soon. 




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