A car crashed through a southern California home on Sunday morning, killing the resident who was sleeping inside.

The man who lived in the Mission Viejo house was pronounced dead after a Cadillac barreled through his bedroom, Lt. Jeff Hallock from the sheriff's office told the Los Angeles Times.

"The vehicle basically went through the front exterior of the house just to the right of the front door," where the deceased slept soundly, Hallock stated. "It appears that alcohol and speed are factors in the collision."

The victim's identity has not yet been released, according to the Associated Press. His house is located more than 30 feet from the curb.

Another person in the house who was located in a different wing was unharmed by the accident.

The one-story house, located in the 26000 block of Pacato Drive, was badly damaged by the crash. Officials who spoke with the New York Daily News reported that the dwelling might have to be demolished.

A passenger riding in the late-model, red sedan was interrogated by police, then released, the Times reported. Their identity has not yet been publicized, either.

Orange County Sheriff's Department Lt. Jerry Carlsen told the Times that police officers were called to the site of the accident at about 3 a.m.