During the investor's presentation last August, spectators noticed that Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Radeon RX 490 was almost not mentioned. Reports claimed that AMD only focused on its Polaris-based GPUs such as RX 480 and RX 470, which suggests that the latest graphics card will possibly be based on the next generation Vega, reported iSports Times.

While the company's top-tier graphics card are still on sale in the market, lots of rumors have emerged online regarding AMD Radeon RX 490's specs, release date, etc. The public's response closely follows the release of NVIDIA's high-end graphics card, Pascal-powered GeForce GTX 1080. Hence, the attention seemingly turned on what AMD's response will be.

Despite the lack of official details on AMD Radeon RX 490, there are hearsays as regards to the manufacturer's feasible announcement by the end of 2016. Others are hesitant of the release date as they believe it will be launched in the early half of 2017, according to a Reddit user's post upon seeing the RX 490 pop out on AMD's website.

It is, additionally, expected that AMD will put their efforts and focus on marketing their current line of Polaris-powered graphics cards until 2016 ends. Reports also point towards information that AMD will be launching the Vega in the first half of 2017, making it highly likely for the Radeon RX 490 to be released somehow within that timeframe.

The Vega teaser that AMD's Senior Director for Global Makreting and Public Relations Chris Hook posted on his personal Facebook page revealed sufficient info to hook the public for Vega's launch. It displays what appears to be a big industrial space in dire need of "renovations" as Chris Hook puts it, pun intended.

There is a lot of expectations that the future AMD Radeon RX 490 will support 4K resolution plus VR (virtual reality) displays because it is believed to be the company's premium graphics card. Additionally, it could come with a 9830 GigaFlops of computing power plus a 1200MHz graphics processing unit (GPU) base clock with 350MHz memory clock.

Last but definitely not the least, AMD Radeon RX 490 will be sporting a 16384MB memory size, 4096-bit memory bus width, and 716.8GB memory bandwidth. Be advised that there is no official statement confirming these specs from AMD at this time, Yibada reported.