"House of Cards" Season 4 ended with a bang. The finale episode showed the president, Frank Underwood, wanting to be re-elected for another term with his wife Claire as his vice president.

Fans of this Netflix's political drama series wonder how the storyline of the ambitious Underwoods' look like in the fifth season. Previous season's finale elevated the show to a new level.

As Season 5 already confirmed, there are speculations about its plot points, from the rumors that Sigourney Weaver would fit the role of Will Conway as vice presidential candidate, out to a possible death scene for Frank Underwood.

One thing is sure, "House of Cards" Season 5 will treat us with even more conspiracies, betrayals and murders.

According to rumors, in "House of Cards" Season 5, Claire Underwood may want to reach the position of her husband instead of opting to be a spare tire of "the leader of the free world". A few fans believed that the first lady will outshine and beat her husband in the upcoming elections.

On the other hand, we should not be surprised by speculations that Claire will get rid of Frank permanently.

Either way, rumor has it that the "war", which the president and the first lady announced at the end of the previous season, could be the downfall of the Underwoods.

Doug Stamper, one of Frank's most trusted persons, could be the one who will kill him in "House of Cards" Season 5, according to the Vine Report. The same publication speculated that an assassination may be orchestrated by Claire herself.

Is this the last season for the show?

Kevin Spacey, lead actor and executive producer, announced in February that Melissa James Gibson and Frank Pugliese will replace Willimon as new showrunners of this show. Robin Wright (Claire Underwood) is also going to direct numerous episodes of the Season 5.

Netflix has only renewed the show for one more season. However, they could easily announce that "House of Cards" will be around for more than one season, just like they did with "Orange Is the New Black."