The NYPD has taken into custody the suspect who likely carried the bombing in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood that injured 29 people on Saturday.

The suspect, who was also linked for the pipe bombing in New Jersey, was identified as Ahmad Khan Rahami. He was 28 years old, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan.

NYPD operatives arrested Rahami after a shootout in Liden, New Jersey after surveillance videos revealed that he was the one who left the improvised explosive device along West 23rd Street near 6th Avenue.

Earlier, the NYPD has released a photo of Rahami on their Twitter account:

Authorities also recovered unexploded IED along West 27 Street, and five others along Elizabeth, New Jersey on Monday morning.

A law enforcement official disclosed that there were enough evidences linking the suspect to the bombs in New York and New Jersey.

A CNN report quoted New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, saying, the attack "might suggest a foreign connection to the action, which would then obviously raise an issue of the foreign nature of this attack.

After identifying Rahami, a massive search was conducted against him with FBI and ATF teams scouring his possible hiding places in New York and New Jersey.

It was not clear if Rahami was the same person who earlier claimed responsibility of the Chelsea attack via Tumblr account, as earlier reported by HNGN Headlines and Global News.

The Tumbler user said the act was part of a protest in New York's continuous discrimination on the LGBTQ community.