The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been used to visiting foreign countries. But on their visit to Canada this time, things will be more special as Prince William and Princess Charlotte will be tagging along.

The 1-year-old princess is set to make her royal debut in Canada as she accompanies her parents, Prince William and Duchess Kate, and older brother, Prince George, in the Royal Tour.  

The Canadian government as well as the media are particularly excited and overwhelmed to accommodate Princess Charlotte. The princess has been only seen by the public thrice - when she was born in May 2015, during her christening in July 2015 and the Queen's birthday in June 2016.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus makes sure that the Royal Family, especially the toddlers, are taken cared of during their weeklong-stay in Canada. It is reported that special meal plans including Prince George's favorite dish, Spaghetti Bolognese, are being prepared meticulously.

The Royal Couple will attend more than 30 engagements that mostly include great outdoors. However, the prince and princess will not be joining their parents on most days and instead will settle in the Government House, where they will be staying for the week.

The Royal Family is set to arrive at Victoria Airport on Sep. 24, Saturday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is then expected to make an appearance at the British Columbia's Parliament Building where they will be welcomed formally.  

On Sep. 25, William and Kate will be going to Vancouver where the highlight of their visit will be the Immigration Services Society of British Columbia meeting Syrian refugees.

The Royal Couple will then visit the Bella Bella and Great Bear Rainforest on Sep. 26. Finally, Charlotte and George will make a public appearance as the Royal Family visits Kelowna (Okanaga Campus) and "Taste of British Columbia" festival on Sep. 27.

Then it is another solo day for William and Kate as they visit the Whitehorse and Carcross in Yukon on Sep. 28. But in the next day, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and Princess Charlotte will then spend some quality time with military families.

The last two days will be spent visiting Haida Gwaii and charities before proceeding to the departure ceremony at the Victoria Harbour Airport.

The Royal Family in Canada will truly be a memorable trip not only for the Canadian people but also for William, Kate, George and Charlotte.