Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been overwhelmed with breakup rumors, ever since the Twitter posts about him texting back and forth with someone else, who isn't Gigi, surfaced online. However, Malik denied ever participating in this conversation and calls them fake. Even though he is furious at the person who has done this, he also understands that some passionate fans can go a step too far in pursuit of their favorite celebrities.

According to an insider source, "the leaked alleged direct messages between Zayn and someone online who he supposedly cheated with are fake. He never sent those messages and he's furious that someone would do something like that, but he's not entirely surprised. Zayn knows that obsessed fans can take their adulation too far, and that's an example of one of those times," Inquisitr reported.

So, is Gigi buying her boyfriend's explanation? Looks like she is. People close to the couple call Gigi a smart and intelligent girl with a sensible approach to life. Hadid already know that these texts are fake and have already disappeared just as easily as they appeared. The account has also been suspended since then.

The source also added that "Gigi has accepted that they're fake too and is pretty sure that Zayn didn't cheat on her. It doesn't make it any easier, but she realizes she has to have a thick skin when it comes to dating Zayn because these kinds of malicious rumors will always surface."

In fact, Hadid is a very patient girlfriend who has been helping her boyfriend in every possible way to help him overcome his anxiety and panic attacks, the Hollywood Life reported. The supermodel takes time out of her busy schedule just to help Malik cope with his issues.

Gigi, reportedly, has been doing everything she can to help Malik has her support when he needs it the most. She constantly reassures him of her presence by his side during his testing time. She even sends him inspirational quotes to help him get back on his feet, said the reports.