Zuckerberg disclosed that the trip is his first to the sub-Saharan Africa. He said he will be meeting with developers and entrepreneurs, and to learn about the startup ecosystem in Nigeria.

CcHUB is located in Yaba, an area in Lagos identified as Nigeria's Silicon Valley.

"The energy here is amazing and I'm excited to learn as much as I can," he said.

In a nation that is officially dipped into recession after its GDP fall by 2 percent compared to last year, having the techno-preneur in their midst made a huge impact.

Running a business in the country has always been tough for young entrepreneurs like Bosun Tijani and Femi Longe, who co-founded the hub Zuckerberg visited in 2011.

With a weak infrastructure, anemic power supply and general lack of financial resources, successful startups in this part of the globe need to thrive hard. Tijani shared that Zuckerberg's presence has provided a lot of hope to young people there.

For Idris Ayodeji Bello, a Nigerian 'afropreneur and angel investor, the Facebook pioneer's visit is a much needed external validation of the sweat and immense efforts, mostly unsung, of the young Nigerians who have kept it all. The attention is definitely heartwarming considering that some young people rarely get excited beyond music and entertainment.

During his talk, Zuckerberg has touched on the business of WhatsApp, which recently announced that it would start sharing data with Facebook to let people message businesses.

He also said that the goal of the application right now is to grow its user base. The entrepreneur has also tackled the idea of augmented-reality glasses that let individuals place virtual objects over the real world which probably touches on what the Magic Leap technology is working on.

The Facebook founder's visit to Lagos actually went beyond setting Nigeria on the map. It is likely that the vision sown by Mrs. Omobola Johnson, former minister of telecommunications during the Jonathan regime, has now been noticed by one of the world's most important figures in Mark Zuckerberg.