A CNBC report disclosed that with his $61 billion worth of wealth, his daily average earning could be more or less $1.94 million for the period of 86 years.

Buffett is considered as one of the most successful investors in the world. His name consistently appears in Forbe's Top 10 list of the wealthiest men on Earth.

Although younger generations of billionaire such as Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Larry Page earned more money daily than him, Buffett has made more money in his entire life.

In this year's list of the wealthiest men, his net worth is listed at $66.4 billion, ranked fourth. Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega and Jeff Bezos are the only ones that outranked him with $90.0 billion, $76.5 billion and $66.7 billion, respectively.

Buffett and his investing arm Berkshire Hathaway Inc. is well known for courage of taking risks with a focus on long term. Last week, he made a headline by taking high risk bet on short-term selling of Dow Chemical as indicated by Wall Street Journal.

Wayne Peters of Peters MacGregor Capital in Australia believed that Buffett actually played a smart game with his decision.

"Buffett values Berkshire's reputation above anything else and trying to manipulate a company's stock price for Berkshire's short-term benefit would deter future companies from entering into these lucrative transactions," Peters said.

Buffett has also dipped his arms in technology investments. In January, he expressed his interest of buying tech giant Apple Inc. shares.

Today, Berkshire has own 15.2 million Apple Inc. shares worth $1.6 billion.