Jessa Seewald is pregnant for the second time. But, she and her husband, Ben not making any changes to their plans of adopting a child.

In a recent episode of "Counting On" Jessa had expressed her joy for the domestic adoption that they are planning and also stated that it is great to have the family's support and advice, especially of those who have been on the same road. She further stated that they do not have any preference and would be equally happy with the addition of a boy or a girl to their family. Ben also voiced the same opinion.

Jessa and Ben also revealed that they are ready to face all the challenges as well as the demands that the adoption procedure may require. The parents of nine months old, Spurgeon Elliot, is already in talks with a local adoption agency.

In other news, it was revealed that Jessa might be expecting triples this time. This speculation is based on the series of images that she added to the Seewald's website to break the news of her pregnancy. She had captioned one of the photos "Doubling the Love Feb 2017." Moreover, she mentioned in her blog post that they were "expecting a baby or babies!"

It must be mentioned here that Jessa mother, Michelle, had siblings who were twins and this further fueled the speculations that Jessa might be having more than one baby or possibly triplets. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

Meanwhile, Jill Dillard, Jessa's elder sister had earlier mentioned that she and Jessa are hoping that they will be pregnant around the same time. But, now as Jessa is ahead, she and Derek, her husband, are keeping their hopes high for a second child. She also revealed that another Duggar sister, Jinger and her beau Jeremy Vuolo may also break the news soon.