A woman refugee, attempting to cross the treacherous waters of Mediterranean Sea, gave birth to a twin while in transient on the perilous seawaters.

The Italian Coast Guard intercepted the woman cuddling her 5-day-old children in her effort, along with 3000 others, to leave Libya.

Dignity 1 (a Medecins Sans Frontieres' ship) and Proactiva Open Arms (a Spanish humanitarian organization) have utilized 15 rubber boats and a wooden one to save people on Monday.

It is on one of these boats that the twins and their mother were found. The MSF have the three transferred for treatment in Italy via Medevac.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Monday's rate has nearly tripled the weekly total. Many of the refugees have used the Central Mediterranean route from Nigeria, Eritrea and Gambia with Libya as a transit point.

Weak and technically ill-equipped for rough voyages, the migrants travelled with a manageable amount of gasoline for their overcrowded vessels.

The intention is to get into the open sea and find rescuers to pick them up. Rescued people are usually taken to the Italian ports of Sicily and Calabria.

The huge migrant influx has emptied the Italian reception centers of equipment needed to accommodate new arrivals.

Before Monday, Italy's total number of arrivals has been around 105,000.

So far in 2016, IOM estimated that 2,726 men, women and children have died.

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard has stated that more refugees are expected to sail this week due to favorable weather conditions.