Hillary Clinton has been leading the polls by two digits after Donald Trump's self-inflicted damage issues, Can we now conclude that Hillary would win by a landslide? Not so fast!  

According to a post on NewYork Times, landslides on presidential elections doesn't happen anymore, the worst-case-scenario is that the turn of events might become favorable to Mr. Trump's candidacy. 

It's been 32 years since the last president won by a double-digit landslide, that is in 1984 for Ronald Reagan versus Mr. Modale, where the latter won only on Minnesota and the District of Columbia. 

In the present century, there would be a lot of factors which would definitely hinder this phenomenon to happen again, one of such is the fact that the country is too disintegrated for a single person to be the sole public choice of anything nearer the two-thirds of the electorate. 

Amy Mitchel, the director of journalism research at Pew Research Center said that " Those on the ends of the political spectrum are more likely to surround themselves with people that think like they do." About 20 percent of todays' voters currectly hold a political belief which placed then on the opposite sides of the poles for their respective parties,- a total percentage which is steadily increasing in the past years from 2004 to 2014.

Though on the other hand, Huffington Post , provided reasons on why they think Hillary Clinton would win the November election  and that Vox wrote some expert's insights about Donald Trump flactualting numbers and the Republicans, We will not be able to foretell anyting just yet, because as it sometimes happend there is something like " an unexpected turn of events"