According to a recent Twitter post, it was unveiled via step-by-step tutorial how players can catch the mystic Legendary birds of "Pokémon Go." In order to be able to find the birds, the players are required to have a Legendary Feather. To obtain this feather, the players have to visit their team's gym and will then be directed by their team leader about a Legendary bird spotting close by. After that, the players must inspect the area that comes up on the map.

As the investigation finishes, the pokestops on the map produce Legendary Feathers for each respective team, Lightning Feathers for Instinct, Fiery Feathers for Valor and Icy Feathers for Mystic. However, it will not be that easy to obtain these features as they come up rarely. If the player manages to collect at least three of these feathers, they will be able to start a battle with the Legendary Bird by supplying this feather to their team's respective pokegyms.

However, when "Pokemon Go" players get at least three feathers, they must deliver the feathers to one of the pokegyms their team has conquered to initiate a battle with Legendary Bird that they have to defeat in order to win candies that the players can use in a fight. It is only after defeating the creature will the players be given a unique pokeball that they can use to catch the Legendary Bird.

Moreover, a new trading system is being introduced that will allow the players to exchange their Pokémon for a potential chance to get one of the three Legendary Birds.