"Supernatural" Season 12 will return with a major revelation and it will be about Mary Winchester.

According to reports, Sam and Dean will discover that the story about their mother's resurrection is not true. Andrew Dabb, the showrunner has stated that so far, the story has been that after marrying and settling down, Mary had stopped hunting. But in the upcoming season, this story will be debunked and it will be revealed that this is not the whole story and there is much more under wraps.

Season 12 will have Mary being haunted by her fiery death and it's ripple effect which had her sons going down the hunter path. She had not wanted this for her sons and she will have trouble processing this, states Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean. The Comic-Con trailer also had Mary flipping him, so it is known that death has not dulled Mary's skills. He further states that the upcoming season of "Supernatural" will be extremely interesting as their mother will seem to be a stranger and the trickiest part will be the adjustment.

Sam, played by Jared Padalecki explains that their dad is also to be blamed for this, but it is now revealed that it is not just him, but also their mother. Padalecki stresses that actually, it is the lineage of the Campbell family that is to be blamed for the state that he and Dean are in.

Padalecki further states that their characters Dean and Sam know their abilities and rather than blaming anyone, they know what they must be doing to help the world. It is true that their job is extremely dangerous, but at the end of the day, Mary is their mother. And they surely can't see her being shot, punched or bitten by a vampire.

"Supernatural" Season 12 returns 13 October, on The CW.