So far, the impact of Pokemon Go all over the globe has been undeniably high. In the United States, the game has become the biggest title and its popularity is charting an upward curve in countries across the world, where it has been rolled. It has been just weeks since the launch of this sensational game, but the popularity is simply outrageous.  

What has specifically caught the fancy of the gamers is the augmented reality of this sensational video game. Pokemon Go bridges the gap between the real world and the game as it requires the gamers to venture out in the real world to get a Pokemon that appears on the screen.

The recent incident showcasing the high influence of this game was evident with the appearance of Water-type Eevee evolution, Vaporean, in New York's Central Park, which had a mass gathered at the park. Vaporean is a rare Pokemon and its appearance in the park created more than chaos. Fans and gamers simply jumped from their cars leaving their car engines running, to catch a glimpse of the creature from the game, according to reports.  

The excitement inspired by Pokemon Go had the Central Park coming to a standstill.

In the US, the app has broken all records of downloads. Apart from the US, the game has been rolled out in UK, Spain, Italy and Portugal as well. It is expected that the game will receive a similar response in the UK as well. And it is pretty evident from another incident, wherein the gamers were facing problems in logging into the game. Possibly, the game's server was incapable of coping with the high demand among the gamers, who were trying to access the app, after its launch on Thursday.

It is worth mentioning here that inspite of the rising fandom of this game, a section of people have raised questions related to safety measures as the GPS tracking system gives away information like the location of the player. However, the passion of the gamer's community is unfaltering for Pokemon Go. And it remains to be seen, what other incidents happen in the days to come.