Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted hanging out in Los Angeles. Pattinson, currently engaged to FKA Twigs, was seen with Stewart, which gave rise to a lot of speculations on whether the duo is reconciling again.

The rumors of the reawakened romance between Pattinson and Stewart sparked as they were seen having lunch together at the Los Felis Café in Los Angeles. During the meet, Stewart was alleged to be wearing a shirt that belongs to Pattinson.

In the past year, Stewart has been linked with two women wherein she was involved with SoKo for a few months before being connected with Alicia Cargile. Her recent conciliation with Pattinson reveals that the previous two connections are not null and void. Pattinson, on the other hand, is also engaged to Twigs and the couple has wedding plans later this year.

There is not much of an insight that can be drawn from the personal life of Robert Pattinson. After suddenly shooting to fame in Twilight, he has preferred to keep a rather sober and humble profile. Not only has he been silent on his romantic relationships but has also denied exciting and high profile roles in movies. There have been reports stating that Pattinson may break his current relationship with Twiggs, and reconcile with Stewart.

The relationship between Pattinson and Twigs has also been troubled due to the repeated delays in their wedding plans. Also, his connection with Stewart is another source of grudge between the so-called couple. However, there is nothing official as of yet - either on the wedding or on separation.

Stewart, over the past year, did develop a strong relationship with Cargile as she opened up about her sexuality. She has, however, moved on and has figured out the problems and has renewed confidence in her. Time would tell on the fate of the alleged relationship between Stewart and Pattinson.