Latest "Last of Us 2" updates suggest that horrifying death scenes are expected in the highly critically-acclaimed role-playing game.

Naughty Dog's "The Last of Us" has made a huge impact on redefining the RPG genre. A rumored sequel is highly anticipated with leaving fans in a state of suspense over Ellie and Joel's fate in the post-apocalyptic game. Despite the game's no-show at E3 2016, the game's influence seemed to have been apparent with the release of "God of War 4" and "Days Gone."

Back in 2013, the game received warm reviews from both fans and critics alike. The demand for the "Last of Us" sequel is mounting over the years since then. However, game director and writer Neil Druckmann said the possibility for "Last of Us 2" is 50/50 as it requires a well-crafted and immersive storyline, Cross Map reported.

Although the status of a possible Last of Us sequel remains uncertain, fans are still hopeful for the game's release in the near future. Meanwhile, some reports indicate that the upcoming sequel is said to contain a lot more horrifying death scenes compared to the original game, Chatt Sports Net reported.

As observed by Hardcore Gamer, Naughty Dog has elevated gaming by employing a creative formula which incorporates emotional cinematic elements in an immersive gameplay experience. Naughty Dog highlighted this style of game development in the "Uncharted Series" and its other brand role-playing games.

Moreover, other game observers underscore the manner by which Naughty Dog illustrate the death of the characters. As Kotaku pointed out, "Last of US" effectively utilized excellent psychology in suggesting death without the excessive bloody visuals often associated with killing.

Since death is never explicit, lifelessness is being implied through pain and suffering rather than the physical absence of life. Scenes involving death are often cut to black and leave the rest to the player's imagination. In this regard, the process of dying is far more horrifying than death itself.