According to a recent study, skipping breakfast is linked to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) but is not the cause of it. If you beat yourself up for not finding time to eat breakfast in the morning, the good news is that you will not die because of it.

As per Aaron Carroll of New York Times, breakfast is not a magic meal that it is thought to be. He added that he himself skips breakfast all the time and "our belief of the power of breakfast is based on misinterpreted research and biased studies." He also explained that are many activities that we do on a daily basis that expose us to the risk of CHD, one of them is poor eating habits. Other things include sleeping, lack of physical activity and even watching TV. These simple daily activities alone can be responsible for myocardial infraction. However, not eating breakfast everyday can just be linked to it, and not be called a cause for it.

Dr. Terry Shintani, Integrative medicine expert, says that breakfast alone cannot reverse the risk of diseases. What is important is to eat proper meals throughout the day and consume balanced diet. Just skipping your breakfast alone will not put you in harms way. Shintani also adds that good health is determined by the quality of foods and not by the time you eat.

Experts insist that you don't need to feel guilty about skipping breakfast again. The idea is to eat good food and consume balanced diet.