Michael Schumacher has long been in a state of disability since his tragic skiing accident in the Swiss Alps. Due to the severity of his injuries, the F1 racing legend is stuck in his bed unable to talk and walk. As his medical condition deteriorates, every little sign of hopeful is regarded as a huge milestone in his road to recovery.

Latest reports on his condition suggest that the racing champ is widely conscious of what's happening around him. He reportedly cries whenever he hears voices of his wife and children. If rumors prove accurate, the Schumacher may be manifesting signs of an ongoing depression.

"Schumi cries. And sometimes mysteriously. He cries when he hears his children, his wife's voice, his dogs. In the silence of that room, a tear runs down his thin face at a known sound. We have a man that we usually consider unbeatable...engaged in a struggle," wrote Italian journalist Giorgio Terruzi for Corriere della Serra as quoted by Express.

Despite a largely bleak prognosis of his health condition, some reports suggest that he may be recovering albeit very slowly. With his vast net worth at around $800 million, his costly rehabilitation is still being taken care of, FX News Call reports.

His large fortune can still cover his intense recovery program reportedly sets back his family $140,000 a week or $600,000 per month. If things won't go well for him, it will only be a matter of time before his wealth dries up.

Meanwhile, his manager and long-time friend Sabine Kehm talked about Schumi's condition as she accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award at Nurburgring in his behalf. While the 47-year-old racer's path to recovery is largely clouded with uncertainty, his family seems to be resilient enough to deal with the situation.

"This award is an acknowledgment of his great willpower, his motivation, his talent, his discipline and his work ethic. I realize we would all like it if Michael himself could be here, but unfortunately that is not possible. We have to accept it and learn to deal with it. We will continue to hope and do everything so that it will be different again," said Kehm as per Christian Today.