Xbox France used the worldwide finale of "Game of Thrones" season 6 to launch their special edition console and Blu-Ray box sets of "Game of Thrones." The company tweeted that these rare consoles will be given away as prizes and that the participants can get a chance to win these by tweeting #XboxLovesGoT. However, not everyone on the internet liked the new Xbox's design.

According to reports, "Game of Thrones" themed Xbox has a poor design made of brown iron cast that makes it look like "thirty kinds of gawdy" if one keeps it in a living room. It has also been noted that the casing has a crown jutting out of the unit that might make it hard to fit it inside the entertainment display.

Another report described the "Game of Thrones" Xbox One as nothing short of a "terrible cake" and seems completely unimpressed by the design. However, there are others who believe that the contest is actually a good marketing strategy, if one is able to see beyond the "hideous" console.

Some cite that the console is "beautiful" but it is very hard to get one. The news article pointed out that Microsoft is planning to come out with more of these custom-designed consoles in the near future. There are other reports that describe the unit as "amazing," particularly because it pairs well with the custom-made iron cast controller for the console. Even though the console is really cool, there are only three people who can own this work of art.