Apple did not announce MacBook Pro 2016 but the new macOS has enough to hint at a few features of the next laptop expect to be unveiled soon.

According to Apple Insider, the new operating system's APIs indicate provisions for a human interface device suggestive of a customizable display. References to keyboard status graphics including Num Lock and Capslock were found besides those for battery status, media functions and alerts. What does this mean?

Run-up to WWDC saw numerous reports claim MacBook Pro 2016 could feature a touch OLED bar display atop the keyboard, which can be customized for shortcuts and accessibility. Sans an announcement, it was difficult to tell whether those rumors are true. Finding hints in the OS is encouraging and nearly confirms reports which suggest Apple is experimenting.

The new macOS has support for Touch ID and can reportedly be unlocked with Apple Watch and possibly an iPhone. Techcrunch suggested this hinted inclusion of Touch ID sensors in Mac and the upcoming MacBook Pro. Besides unlocking the device, other potential applications for TouchID on Macs and MacBooks could include online payments.

Support for this claim was also found in the beta of the new operating system. The developer document detailing IO Kit Changes reportedly hints at the inclusion of biometric features.

"Again, while not a direct reference to Touch ID, the APIs allow for tap tracking on a biometric key. Interestingly, support for key presses is not included at this time, suggesting the biometric device is a fixed structure," Apple Insider wrote.

MacBook Pro 2016 is expected to feature the MacBook's design in 13-inch and 15-inch variants. Apple could restrict ports to USB-C type and possible a thunderbolt 3 port to keep the laptop thin. Other rumors include Intel's Skylake and improved graphics from AMD/NVDIA.