As this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) approaches, GTA fans are getting restless as they anxiously wait for updates that have long been speculated across various media outfits. Game publisher Rockstar Games is being rumored to announce a DLC release at the event.

As reported by Express, parent Take-Two Interactive dropped hints about a number of projects that are set for E3 announcement on June 14. Company exec Strauss Zelnick also confirmed about the speculated big project lineup.

The report may have some truth to it as Rockstar Games is officially listed as part of Take-Two Interactive's E3 main exhibitioners. With this in mind, a GTA 5 DLC release plus an online mode expansion sounds feasible.

In another GTA 5 related update, Rockstar Games rolled out a minor online PC update. However, fans are quite clueless as to what the update is for as there are no descriptions to explain the update to fans, International Business Times reported.

Despite the absence of an explanation, the update has reportedly provided some bug fixes to address a number of minor in-game issues. GTA 5 players also revealed some enhancements such as a more improved payout for associates and bodyguard following the arrival of the so-called mysterious update with a 110MB-size on the Steam server and 572MB on the game's social club client.

Meanwhile, Ecumenical News reported that Rockstar Games may also announced an update on the current progress of the Grand Theft Auto 6. As the report says, the next iteration of the highly successful franchise will bring in a different and surprising gameplay experience from its predecessor.

The free-roaming and third-person game is reportedly set in Liberty City although some observers think that this is unlikely. Other candidate locations include San Fierro, Las Venturas, and Vice City. Aside from new map locations, the next title will also include car stunts a set of new male and female playable characters

As for GTA 6 purported release, Rockstar Games' 5-year upgrade cycle will put the release schedule sometime in 2018.