A Planned Parenthood clinic in Sarasota, Fla., was evacuated Monday because of an unknown substance which turned out to be cleaning chemicals.

At least seven people were hospitalized with breathing problems.

Hazardous materials teams from the fire department removed several chemicals that they could not identify from cleaning closets, police said, who added that the teams also found baby food that had spilled during the evacuation.

According to a report, the found substances were cleaning chemicals, and no criminal investigation is planned. Police believe the contamination which caused the respiratory irritation was accidental, and workers are expected to be allowed to return to the building Monday afternoon.

In January, a Texas grand jury declined to bring charges against Planned Parenthood after secretly obtained videos purported to show organization officials admitting to selling fetal tissue. Instead, the grand jury brought charges against The Center for Medical Progress' David Daleiden and activist Sandra Merritt for their roles in creating the videos.

In November, admitted shooter Robert Louis Dear killed three people inside a Colorado Springs, Colo., Planned Parenthood clinic. He later called himself a "warrior for babies" in a courtroom appearance that included several outbursts.

When the judge and attorneys discussed sealing the case documents during the December hearing, Dear said: "Seal the truth, huh? Kill the babies, that's what Planned Parenthood does." When the list of his victims was read aloud in court, Dear said, "Could you add the babies that were to be aborted that day? Can you add that to the list?"

The controversial Planned Parenthood recently endorsed Hilary Clinton for president.