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Justin Bieber Retiring: ‘Boyfriend’ Singer Says He’s ‘Gonna Quit Music’ after Dropping Next Album (VIDEO)

By Minyvonne Burke | Dec 17, 2013 10:07 PM EST

Justin Bieber
A group of students at Tenino High School played Justin Bieber's song "Baby" over the loudspeakers on repeat until they raised $500 for orphans in Ghana. (Photo : Reuters)

Justin Bieber is quitting music. At least that is what's buzzing around the Internet after the 19-year-old singer hinted about an early retirement on the Power 106 radio show in Los Angeles. The host asked Bieber about his new album and instead of dishing on it he dropped a major bombshell.

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"Um, I'm actually retiring, man," Bieber said. "I think I'm probably gonna quit music."

The singer made the surprising remarks with a straight face but the video clip ended before fans could find out if he was serious or not. The full interview will air tomorrow morning (Dec. 18) on Power 106.

E! News said Bieber's rep refused to comment on the remark but a source said that he was joking and "of course it's not true." Following the remark "Beliebers" took to Twitter to express their shock and confusion.

"Justin Bieber is retiring? What the hell, my life is just over," @K_McCloskey7 tweeted.

"Justin Bieber retiring? I love him to death but I do feel no one will miss him. His best music was when he was 15 and cute & not 20 and hot," @BrooklynneKal posted.

"pls tell me that Justin isn't retiring pls I really wanna meet him but im so far away omfg," @aye_jeliebers wrote.

This isn't the first time the "Boyfriend" singer has threatened to retire. Back in 2012, he told the website that it could be a challenge to wake up every morning and have to face criticism and negativity in the media. 

"I got to the point where I thought, 'I don't want to do this. I just want to be normal,'" he said. "It was difficult because I'd never gone through anything like that. Usher was like, 'Prepare to have this for the rest of your career because it's not going to stop.' He's gone through some stuff and most artists go through their fair share of bull. That was just my first time."

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