Yahoo!, one of the internet's great pioneers, is attractive again. Well, it is, but not because it is dominating the industry. The firm is prominent again since its core internet businesses are finally up for sale, and many bidders are now lining up to grab their own share of a company that fully helped bring about the age of the internet.

Though the companies that are attempting to purchase Yahoo! are many, there is one that seems to be the most dominant so far. Among Yahoo!'s suitors, Verizon is looking to be the bidder to beat. However, a new contender has emerged, and it might very well put a dent in Verizon's possibly dominant offer for the once-prominent internet firm.

Though rumors had already emerged that the media company is attempting to purchase a part of Yahoo!, the British publisher of prominent news firm The Daily Mail has confirmed that it is actually interested in making a bid for Yahoo!'s core business assets.

Considering that The Daily Mail is currently attempting to increase its share of non-U.K. revenues, the acquisition of Yahoo! would fit in perfectly with the company's most recent thrust. Plus, The Mail's media presence is significant, making it an ideal host for Yahoo!'s acquisition.

Despite this, however, Verizon's sheer size and financial firepower is something that might very well outshine that of its investors. After all, Yahoo! also fits perfectly with the telecom giant's focus on mobile video content and online advertising.

Plus, Verizon also has experience on its side, since it was already able to successfully purchase AOL for an admirable $4.4 billion last year. By adding Yahoo! to its inventory, Verizon would become a much more powerful firm than it already is.

One factor that Yahoo! might definitely look into is if the acquisition offers from its suitors would include the firm's assets in Yahoo! Japan and Alibaba Group Holding. While it is unlikely that The Mail is looking to purchase Yahoo!'s Asian assets, some analysts are alleging that Verizon might actually include them in its planned takeover.

Yahoo! used to be one of the internet's most dominant companies. During the height of its power back in 2000, the firm was valued at a whopping $255 billion. After a series of grave miscalculations, which included a late entry into the mobile world, the firm quickly lost its value. Today, Yahoo! is now valued at a very humble $34 billion.

Yahoo! has announced that it is giving prospective buyers until April 18 to submit their final offers for the company's acquisition.