Viewers can now stream media content on Chromecast through Google Play music and movies directly from the web. This feature lets users continue streaming content even without a smartphone.

Google is offering different features on its Chromecast streaming dongle to ensure its users are entertained without interruption. Until now, smartphones had a major role to play in the streaming of music and videos on Chromecast. The latest update circumvents that by letting users directly stream the required media content on a Chromecast from the web.

Before getting started, users are required to install a Google Cast extension on their Chrome browser. This update is useful for those who purchase movies and music through Play Store as with just one click, they can push content on their TVs. The functionality is independent of a smartphone or a tablet.

"When you don't have a phone or tablet handy, you can visit and cast your Google Play music, movies and shows to your TV directly from the web," the company announced in itsGoogle+ account page.

 After installing the Google Cast extension, users can watch a movie or listen to music on their television by opening Google Play web player. The extension will enable the Cast icon on the player with which Google streams the media content on TV through Chromecast.

"Google Play offers new release movies and next-day TV shows, as well as more than 20 million songs that you can enjoy from your phone, tablet, computer or TV," Google said.

Google has been focusing on its streaming dongle a lot lately. The web giant added 10 new apps for both iOS and Android earlier this week to let users directly stream content from phones to TVs. The latest additions from this week include Plex, VEVO, RealPlayer, Red Bull.TV, Songza among others and these apps are expected to arrive for Chromecast users within the next two weeks.