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California Teens Break Into Mansion, Throw Wild Party, Steal Designer Suits and Stuffed Snow Leopard Worth $250,000 (VIDEO)

By Maxine Wally | Dec 12, 2013 02:25 PM EST

Mansion party screen grab
They came, they saw, they partied: a group of teenagers reportedly broke into a La Habra Hills mansion and stole a handful of pricey items. (Photo : Courtesy of ABC Video Screenshot)

A group of 15 people are currently facing felony charges for sneaking into an empty mansion in southern California's La Habra Heights, throwing a raucous party and stealing a hefty haul of pricey items.

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Some of the pilfered belongings included a shield and armor, along with a stuffed snow leopard that cost about $250,000, the Associated Press reported.

The 15 teenagers were arrested on Wednesday for trespassing onto the premises, throwing the party, trashing the joint, then dashing off with various goods last month.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the group planned the party on various social media applications and websites.

The owner of the mansion had no idea that such an event was scheduled to occur at the residence.

Investigators told AP that attendees broke into the house through a window they'd forced open. They then ravaged the home and stole some expensive items, including jewelry and designer clothing. AP reported that the total cost of theft and damages topped out at around $1 million.

The group reportedly posted photos of the event on social media, which ultimately resulted in their arrests.

"The parents were all cooperative, of course, embarrassed," L.A. County Sheriff Department Capt. Tim Murakami told KFOR. "And they're not from poor families; they're from middle class families. And I think what happened, they just got caught up in, basically, being stupid."

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