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Nadya Suleman Evicted: Octomom, 14 Kids Need to Leave California Home by Christmas?

By Minyvonne Burke | Dec 11, 2013 11:16 AM EST

Octomom Nadya Suleman
Nadya Suleman and her 14 children could face a possible eviction before Christmas. (Photo : InTouch/Google )

Octomom Nadya Suleman, 38, and her 14 children are facing a possible eviction. According to The Mirror, her new landlord Lana El-Jor wants Suleman to vacate the house as soon as possible.

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"I have had problems refinancing the building myself because of her," El-Jor said. "That's one of the things why we have to ask her to leave. The bank refused to support the loan. She is said to have left her houses abused and everything and it worried the bank."

Reportedly the five bedroom, three bathroom Orange County, Calif. house is said to be rundown and dilapidated. The landlord said broken windows could be seen from the streets and the octuplets all sleep in one room on bunk beds. Some people believe the home used to be a halfway house for recovering alcoholics.

El-Jor bought the house last month from Suleman's previous landlord, Tim Chapman. Chapman, who owns a rehab facility where Suleman sought treatment last year, let her and the family stay at the home rent-free.

The new landlady told The Mirror that she took a look around the place before purchasing the property and she noticed how unkempt it was.

"It was very messy. Let's say they're not as happy as my kids," she said. "Fourteen kids need a bigger backyard for sure. I saw they had four bunk beds. I think those were for the little ones. And they had beds in all the other rooms."

El-Jor said she needs the family to move because of Suleman's reputation. Reportedly even the neighbors are concerned.

"The house is very rundown and that broken window looks dangerous. It must get cold inside at night," a neighbor said. "It seems that Octomom or the nanny rarely take the children out and most of them spend all day holed up in the house as if they're hiding. It doesn't look like a happy existence."

Octomom has faced similar problems in the past. In April 2012, a complaint was filed against her accusing her of keeping her children - - Aidan, Amerah, Caleb, Calyssa, Elijah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Jonah, Joshua, Josiah, Maliah, McCai, Nariah and Noah - in poor living conditions.  A police officer and three Child Protective Services reps went by the home but didn't feel the children were in any immediate danger and left, E! News reports.

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