If there's anything that Nintendo was able to prove with the official launch of its first-ever mobile app, it is the fact that the Japanese gaming giant still has the golden touch. Within the first three days of its launch, Miitomo, the firm's game/social media app, has managed to gain 1 million users.

In fact, it was so popular that it ended up beating Line, the number one app in Japan, in the Japanese iOS app store on Friday. With a rather unique concept that combines elements of gaming and social interactions with connections, Miitomo seems to have hit the right spot for consumers.

The impressive figures are probably just the start of something big, too. After all, the app's impressive performance was recorded solely in Japan, where the app is exclusive for now. Fans of Nintendo believe that once the app sees a worldwide release, it will grow even more popular, ultimately establishing Nintendo as a giant in the mobile gaming world as well.

What makes Miitomo quite endearing is its capability to seamlessly combine elements of gaming and social media. Users of the app are required to create a Mii, an avatar modeled after themselves. Once a Mii is created, it would start asking questions, the answers to which are broadcasted to the user's circle of connections.

Connections are free to comment and react to the responses and other activities of other Miis in their circle. All interaction between users is done through the Miis, including tasks and in-game goals.

Apart from the social aspect of the game, one of its best features is its capability to create Miifotos. Basically, Miifotos entail placing users' Miis on photographs and sharing them through social media. The concept sounds very simple on paper, but according to users of the app, the feature has proven to be very addictive.

Perhaps that is one thing that Nintendo has managed to accomplish with Miitomo. It was able to create a highly polished app that is simple, engaging, and most of all, extremely fun. In a lot of ways, those is the golden mean for mobile apps, and Nintendo seems to have achieved it.

With Miitomo being the first of the gaming giant's five scheduled mobile apps that will be released within the next 12 months, fans have become very excited indeed.