The cold front that has descended upon certain areas of the United States continued on Saturday, as thousands of residents in Arkansas and Texas went without power following a severe storm that blocked up roads and delayed flights.

Freezing weather might even turn Las Vegas into a snowy winter wonderland, according to forecasters. Virgina and New England will reportedly be hit by a chill toward the tail end of the weekend.

"What's happening across most of the country is we're getting a very early taste of winter," National Weather Service meteorologist Mike Muscher told Reuters, Saturday. "This is something you'd typically see in January or February."

Jordan, Montana logged an all-time low temperature for Saturday, Dec. 7-42 degrees below zero.

At least 3,300 people were stuck overnight at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, where many had to sleep on cots. Only two of seven runways were thawed come Saturday morning, Reuters reported.

More than 400 flights from the airport were canceled, according to a statement from DFW officials. Almost 1,000 flights were slashed on Friday.

The storm caused about 267,000 electricity outages in Texas at its zenith, but the figure had decreased to nearly 130,000 by Saturday.

"I couldn't even warm a bottle," Larry Thompson, who works as a nurse with his wife Jessica at two medical facilities in the Dallas area, told Reuters. He checked into a hotel with his wife and four children after they lost power at their house.

A marathon planned in Dallas has been canceled, after weathercasters reported upcoming sub-zero temperatures and unsafe conditions around the city.