The Seton Hall Pirates entered the NCAA tournament on an extreme high note, as they made an impressive run to win the Big East Tournament championship. Seton Hall was given a six-seed and a tough first-round matchup against Gonzaga. The Pirates lost that game, and it wasn't really all that close, but the future still does look bright for them.

There is a chance that Seton Hall could bring back all five starters from this year's team, but a lot of that hinges on Isaiah Whitehead's decision. Whitehead is just a sophomore, but he had a major breakout season, and there has been a lot of talk about him potentially going to the NBA.

After losing Thursday night, Whitehead has decided to throw his name into the pool for the 2016 NBA Draft. With the new rules, this is not a definitive choice for Whitehead, as he can see where he is projected to go in the draft and, if he doesn't like it, decide to go back to school. Even with the new rules, though, there are some who believe that it is unlikely he will return to Seton Hall for next season.

As it stands, Whitehead is not projected to be selected in the 2016 NBA Draft, but going through the process could change that. Whitehead ended this season on a very sour note, as he shot just 4-24 from the field in the loss to Gonzaga, but overall, he was very good for the Pirates this season. In 34 games, Whitehead led the team in scoring and assists, as he averaged 18.2 points and 5.1 assists per game. The sophomore's overall shooting percentage was not very good on the season, (38 percent) but he made some big shots on the year.

It is unclear at the moment if Whitehead plans to hire an agent, but with people in the know thinking that he is likely gone, it seems like he might. Although it is smart for Whitehead to at least put his name in the pool to see how NBA people view him, it would be even smarter to stay in school for at least one more year. Whitehead had a good year, but he has areas where he can improve, and he will be able to do it on a team that should be one of the best in the nation moving forward. It's hard to blame a kid for wanting to go to the NBA and get that check, but for Whitehead, it makes more sense to forego that for one more season.