Ashley Madison isn't the only website dedicated to enabling couples to have an affair. Victoria Milan, a new European dating site, not only offers a way for married people to cheat anonymously, but provide researchers reasons why.

A recent survey of over 4,000 women by the site found that 68 percent were unfaithful because of bad sex with their partners. Another 65 percent said they would probably not resort to cheating if the sex was better.

Sigurd Vedal, Victoria Milan's CEO, said the survey results show that 21st century women are taking control of their lives.

"Modern women have a fresh awareness that there is an entire sexual world beyond the one they are living, and if they're not satisfied at home, they do not hesitate to discover new things themselves," the Daily Mail reported.

The survey went on to reveal the most common reasons women cheat in their marriage. Leading the way is being selfish in bed, hogging the sheets and not focusing on their partners' pleasure, according to the Daily Mail. A lack of creativity in the bedroom and foreplay also made the list.  

Other reasons were miniscule, like "keeping his socks on while making love, or checking the dreadful smartphone," said a statement from Victoria Milan. A dislike for dirty talk was another reason women cheated.

"When you're busy talking dirty, your partner often thinks your mind is more on that porn movie fantasy than on what is happening between you two in the moment," the site wrote. 

This is not the first time Victoria Milan conducted surveys about relationships. A survey last month found most cheaters would remain faithful if it wasn't for technology. Another survey from earlier this year found that adulterers choose lovers considered less attractive than their partners. More Victoria Milan surveys can be found here.