A latest poll commissioned by Samsung Electronics has revealed that men admit to taking 'selfies' more than women but when it comes to sharing them instantly, women take the lead.

We are now accustomed to the word "selfie" after seeing at least one while browsing social networking sites. The popularity of the word resulted in the Oxford Dictionaries Online to include "selfie" in its glossary. Celebrities also give their fans a glimpse of what's happening in their lives through selfies posted on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Be it a new hairdo or a gifted dress, selfies have become more like a tradition to most social media users.

While it is often believed that females indulge in taking more selfies than men do, a latest survey suggests otherwise. A survey commissioned by Samsung Electronics and carried out by OnePoll revealed that men take nearly twice as many selfies as women but since women have a greater instant sharing rate, they are labeled for taking more selfies.

OnePoll conducted the survey with 2,000 people and 17 percent of men admitted to taking selfies compared to 10 percent of women. The survey also found that over half of Britons use their smartphones for more than just calls, to share photos on social media sites. Although men have a higher rate of selfies, women were active sharers. 57 percent females admitted to taking photos and instantly sharing them, while 45 percent men admitted to the act.

"Selfies are modern day vanity. Men have come to the vanity game later than women," says behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings, according to Daily Mail. "They're taking selfies because there's a technological aspect to them, so they see it as a more acceptable way of revealing their vanity."

Samsung's participation in a survey on the rate of selfies taken suggests its interest in promoting Galaxy S4 Zoom camera, which has 10x optical zoom lens, Wi-Fi, and many photo-sharing features. While Samsung boasts about its camera in the Galaxy S4 Zoom, Nokia's 41-megapixel camera with Xenon flash in Lumia 1020 smartphone gives a tough competition.