"Fast & Furious" fans can look forward to a sneak peek of the upcoming film featured in the "Fast & Furious 6" blue-ray/DVD edition out Dec. 16.


According to Movies.com, Han's funeral at the end of "Fast & Furious 6" was real and it affects the crew deeply.  However, Han's death isn't the biggest takeaway from the scene, but something Ludacris' character, Tej, said.

"The bombshell comes when Ludacris says, 'First Han, now Hobbs is laid up, of all people.' So at some point between FF6 and FF7, something serious happened to Hobbs to put him in the hospital. Considering new director James Wan has been tweeting about filming with the Rock, and the latter has been showing pictures from the set, it's not like the accident will be offscreen. We're betting that whatever happens to put Hobbs out of commission happens very early on during FF7, probably during the film's opening action scene," Movies.com reported.

Does this mean Jason Statham's character, who was introduced at the end of "Fast & Furious 6"was at the next film's villain, could have done something terrible to Hobbs?  There has to be a reason why filmmakers waited to show Statham and mention Hobbs, but viewers will have to wait for the movie's release to find out, which is expected to come back bigger, and better than ever. (Read Movies.com's full article here)

There are also plans for a "Fast & Furious" mobile game app that is set to coincide with the next title's release, Andrew Sheppard, President of Kabam Studios, revealed in October.

"The Fast & Furious franchise is a global phenomenon that continues to evolve as the scale of the films grow bigger with each new release," Sheppard, President said in a news release.  "Kabam is proud to continue to collaborate with Universal on such a fun and mass- appeal franchise to develop a new mobile game that progresses with the same ambition of the series." (Read more here)