Will "Family Guy" fans get their wish? Ever since Brian Griffin was killed off the show, fans have been demanding that the family's talking pet be brought back to life. Even though it seems like the show's creators have no plans on rewriting Brian into the series, a new report has suffered claiming that the lovable dog could get his very own spinoff show.

According to Hollywood Life, sources claim that the creative team behind "Family Guy" didn't expect such outrage from fans and are trying to figure out a way to please their audience.

"They didn't anticipate this much negative outcry over the death of Brian," the source said. "And they didn't initially have thoughts of doing a spinoff show, but now, those discussions have started ever so slightly. It's nowhere [near] a lock, but a discussion has [happened]."

The source didn't reveal how the show would bring Brian back from the dead. Maybe Stewie Griffin will find the pieces he needs to rebuild his time machine? Maybe it was just a really bad dream? Or maybe the spinoff could focus on Brian's life before he met the Griffins?

Either way fans of the show want Brian back. Not long after the episode aired a petition sprung up online and a website was created promising fans that there would be a special announcement made about the dog.

BriansAnnouncement.com hinted that on Dec. 6 at noon EST fans would get some very exciting news about the future of the dog. However, it seems like the website was a fake. Hollywood Life's source said the site is in no way connected to creator Seth MacFarlane, the Fox network or 20th Century Fox.

"[We have] no idea what that is all about," the source said. "Someone might be pulling a fast one."

Would you watch a "Family Guy" spinoff about Brian Griffin?

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