An emerging restaurant is set to change the fast food industry. Eatsa, which has stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco, has no fast food crew members in its employ. Instead of a man behind the counter who's likely to suggest that your meal should go with some fries, Eatsa operates like a giant vending machine.

Customers who come to the restaurant will find a wall of tiny cubicles. They would need to tap on iPads to place their orders and a computer system will log everything, including their credit card payments. There is actually a kitchen crew behind the wall who prepares all of the orders, but there's generally no interaction between the diners and the workers, according to Business Insider.

Food selections at Eatsa are healthier than usual fast food meals and the menu provides diners with calorie information of what they would like to eat. The price of the food is set at a standard $6.95 per bowl, according to the shop's website.

"In some respects, yes, we're creating a new type of fast food," said Scott Drummond, one of the restaurant's co-founders, via Nation's Restaurant News. "But in a way we're bringing the original promise of fast food. Where did it say that fast food had to kill you?"

The founders also said that during peak hours, their system can handle more than 400 hundred orders and there are surprisingly no long lines, too.

Eatsa intends to expand more stores across the United States in 2016.