Many strange beauty trends have come and gone, especially with nail art, and just when we thought we'd seen it all, furry nails made a runway debut! During New York Fashion Week, Libertine's models walked the Fall/Winter 2016 runway with actual faux fur on their nails, according to Refinery29. Jan Arnold, style director and co-founder of CND nail polish, was the stylist to provide these "cozy" looks that are being called the "ultimate winter luxury for your nails."

While this nail look is impractical for everyday use, it's a trend that's already popping up all over Instagram. To achieve this look, Arnold and her CND team first painted each nail with Vinylux Weekly Polish in neutral colors like Rubble (taupe) and Cream Puff (off-white), according to Cosmopolitan. They then stuck the faux fur on each individual nail with CND's Super Shiney High-Gloss Top Coat.

Just like any normal nail polish, the fur can be removed with nail polish remover. The process might just take a little more time and patience, as one can only imagine how messy it might get pulling acetone-covered fur off.

Bubble nails were the most recent weird nail art trend to take social media by storm. Even though the look originated in 2009, it became so popular last summer that even the nail artists on Oxygen's "Boss Nails" were into it. Leading lady Dana Cody explained why nail art in general has become so popular.

"Nail art shows an individual's personality," she told HNGN exclusively in August. "You can tell a lot by a woman in her nails. You can tell a lot by a man if he has a manicure or not. And that's what I think it really is - it shows personality. It makes a lot of women feel good about themselves and it's simple. You look at your hands all day."