There are quite a few facts that separate Ellie Bishop apart from her predecessor Ziva. However, one of the more interesting facts is her relationship status -- married.

According to, those hoping for an inter-team relationship aren't going to get it since executive producer and showrunner Gary Glasberg plans to keep his newest character married and non-cheating.

"We will eventually meet her husband, who is an attorney with the NSA," Glasberg previewed before Wickersham's debut this past Tuesday, according to TV Guide. "This is a very different relationship from anything we've had. There's something interesting in this world when you have a spouse you can't tell everything to, and taking on the added responsibilities of this new job could come with consequences."

The showrunner also said viewers will find out more about the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing which influenced Bishop's NSA interest. Viewers will get to meet her brothers as well.

Many fans were wondering if Tony and Bishop would become involved. However, Michael Weatherly shut down those rumors way before fans watched Tuesday's episode and found out Bishop may be married.

The good news for DiNozzo fans is he'll begin dating again in 2014, according to TV Guide.

As for the other member of Gibbs' team, McGee, we'll get to see an upcoming episode which is centered on him.

"He's going to play a really big part after the holidays," Glasberg told EW's Sandra Gonzalez. "And Delilah's still around. He's got his work cut out for him in some stuff coming up."

"NCIS" airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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