There's a good chance that if you were a new client and walked into the current Florrick & Agos offices, you won't be beaming with confidence -- there offices aren't the best looking.

However, if you're worried that the offices are going to stay with its unwelcoming look, you have to be patient -- the changes are coming.

"Lockhart/Gardner was finished the first time you saw it. We changed minor things here and there, but the structure and the look of the place has been the same from Day 1," production designer Stephen Hendrickson recently told "This one grows episode by episode, new things happen and new elements come in."

One of the defining moments in the office's growth will come during the show's 100th episode as the FA will have its first Christmas party, according to They will also do their first big reveal for friends, family and clients.

"Because it's a loft and it's a flexible space, we were able to clear out the furnishings. It was totally decorated for Christmas which was also a lot of fun with Christmas lights and trees and wreaths and a catered affair and bars," Hendrickson told the website. "We made a real party out of it all."

Speaking of the 100th episode, co-creator Robert King recently told TVLine fans are going to see an epic battle between Alicia and Will.

"There's going to be a whole act where they use what they know about each other from their love affair in a courtroom battle," said King. "They're going to basically undercut each other every step of the way."

"The Good Wife" airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.