Investigators positively identified the rest of the skeletal remains discovered in Victorville, California as the two missing children from the McStay family, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

The identification of Gianni and Joseph Matteo McStay come a week after the remains of their parents, Joseph and Summer McStay, were announced. Earlier this month, a motorcyclist passed the shallow grave where they were found in and notified police, leading to the discovery.

The identities of the parents were confirmed through dental records. Though authorities believed the rest of the remains found with the parents were of the boys, they wanted to make sure it was their sons before any official announcements.

According to sources close to the sheriff's department, at least one set of remains was bound with an electrical cord. Clothing was also found in the grave.

In 2010, the McStay family mysteriously disappeared from their Fallbrook home. After not hearing from the family in a few days, Joseph McStay's brother called authorities.

Officers arrived at their home and realized they were gone, though there was no sign of a struggle. According to neighbors, who began feeding their pets when they realized they weren't home for a few days, the family was visibly happy before they quickly vanished.

"It's not really the outcome we were looking for," said Joseph's brother Michael McStay during a news conference in San Bernardino last week. "But it gives us courage to know they're together and they're in a better place."

Officials are investigating the deaths as homicides and have not released the time of death due to the continuing investigation.