What better day than President's Day to announce major renovations at one of the country's most iconic monuments. The National Park Service announced today that the Lincoln Memorial will begin undergoing renovations that'll last through the next four years, the Washington Post reports.

The news comes after philanthropist David Rubenstein donated $18.5 million to the cause. With his help, the monument will undergo the biggest renovation since is creation in 1922.

Renovations for the monument include fixing the roof, cleaning the marble surface, and adding another elevator, the Christian Science Monitor reports. They will also create a 15,000-square-foot space underneath the memorial for visitors to see other exhibits.

"Lincoln deserves to have his memorial in tip-top shape," Rubenstein said in an interview, and he couldn't be more right. While the building itself is still structurally sound, it is definitely time to see some upgrades.

Every year, the Lincoln Memorial sees more than 7 million visitors, according to Fox News. In fact, it has been named the most visited attraction on the National Mall.

The Lincoln Memorial is situated at the top of the National Mall, overlooking the reflection pool and directly across from the Washington Monument.