The world is on high alert for the spread of the Zika virus, but life goes on for many. If you're going to travel to known areas with Zika, then protect yourself and your family by packing these essentials:

1) Insect Repellent

Certain bug repellents are safer to use than others, especially on kids, so make sure that you pack an EPA-registered product. Read the labels carefully before application, including details of reapplication.

2) Clothing spray with permethrin

Permethrin spray contains extracts from chrysanthemum flower and synthetic chemicals. It's found in liquid, powder and spray form and used by farmers and campers to ward off insects and pests. It's deemed non-carcinogenic for humans, but some children might develop sensitivity to it, according to the National Pesticide Information Center. You can buy the spray at sporting goods stores. Use it for your clothes, coats and other gear.

3) Long pants and long-sleeved shirts

Cover your skin properly so that the chances of mosquito bites are reduced. Pack plenty of long pants, long-sleeved shirts or pullovers to wear outdoors. However, Zika areas are known for its warm tropical weather, so pack light-colored clothes in light fabric to stay protected, comfortable and cooler.

4) Mosquito net

Sleeping under a mosquito net is actually a recommendation from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Pick one that has durable netting with tiny holes to ensure that no mosquitoes can penetrate it, such as this travel net from Amazon.

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