An envelope containing white powder and a photo of Tim Tebow prompted the evacuation of a City Hall in New Jersey.  Tebow's name came up again when, after the controversial Patriots - Panthers game, an ex-NFL referee used Tebow as an example of when a quarterback throws an "uncatchable" ball.   

A letter mailed to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop led to City hall being evacuated on Monday.  The letter contained a photo of Tebow and a white powder that "was clearly meant to look like a chemical or biological threat," the Jersey Journal reports.

White powder fell out of the envelope addressed to Mayor Fulop when an aide opened it.  The powder, first suspected to be anthrax, was later determined to be harmless.  The envelope also included "spiritual stuff.  Heaven stuff."

The incident remains under investigation.  Employees were allowed back inside less than an hour after being evacuated.

The NFL's most popular free agent was mentioned again this week when a former NFL referee compared an uncatchable ball to a pass Tebow would throw.

"We as officials have always been taught, for a ball to be uncatchable, it has to be clearly out of the field of play or it has to be a kind of - I probably shouldn't say this - a Tim Tebow-type pass that lands 15 yards in front of you," Jim Daopoulos told USA Today Sports on Tuesday.

Daopoulos was referring to the controversial no-call on Monday night that ended the Patriots-Panthers game.  A flag for pass interference was picked up after referees conferred and deemed Tom Brady's pass "uncatchable," thus negating the interference penalty.

Tebow remains a free agent but is reportedly pursuing a career in sports broadcasting.