Sometimes, real-life miracles do happen. For a couple in China, the events revolving around their prematurely-born son have been nothing short of being unbelievable. After being pronounced dead my medical officials and being scheduled for cremation, the child started showing signs of life, according to the New York Post.

Born prematurely in the city of Jinhua, located in East China's Zhejiang Province, the baby had health problems from the beginning. In fact, the baby boy was kept alive by an incubator in the hospital for 23 days until the doctors determined that he was safe to bring home.

With the approval of doctors, the boy's father brought him home for the Chinese New Year celebration. Just two days after coming home, however, the child started showing signs of discoloration and was immediately rushed back to the hospital, reported Yahoo! News.

Though the child battled his health condition as hard as he could, his little heart eventually gave out and he was pronounced clinically dead. The boy's parents, though pained, accepted that their child passed on and scheduled for him to be cremated the next day.

The boy's remains were then wrapped in two blankets and kept in a freezer in the hospital mortuary. When the baby was taken out the next day, however, relatives and medical staff were shocked to discover him very much alive. Moments before he was set to be cremated, the baby boy was crying, reported the Express.

The miracle of the child literally coming back to life has baffled doctors in the Chinese hospital. Regardless of the reason, however, it seems like this resilient Chinese baby boy has fought to live another day.