Marvel Universe LIVE Tour Reveals Villains, Heroes For Their Upcoming 85-City Arena Show (PHOTOS)

By  Nov 19, 2013 12:41 PM EST
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Hydra Agents are terrorist who fight S.H.I.E.L.D. agents.

"Marvel Universe LIVE!" has revealed the featured villains for their upcoming American tour, kicking off in July 2014.

The arena show will be a stage production, but details about "Marvel Universe LIVE!" are being kept quiet at this time. However, fans can look forward to seeing their favorite Avengers in the 85-city tour.

"We are gathering the largest live assemblage of evil-doers that the universe has ever known to battle the mighty Super Heroes - including The Avengers and Spider-Man. Audiences are going to love seeing these dastardly villains try to outwit the good guys on such a grand stage," Kenneth Feld, Chairman & CEO, Feld Entertainment, Inc., Producer of Marvel Universe LIVE! told IGN.

"This show is all about giving Marvel's loyal fans an immersive live experience like they've never seen before and having these iconic villains in the mix will achieve that in a very significant way," Feld added.

Marvel villains you can look forward to seeing in the show include Loki, Red Skull, Dr. Aldrich Killian, A.I.M., and Chitauri Warrors.

"This villainous group are designed to be sleek and stealthy and fast, with somber hints of green metallic," Cynthia Nordstrom, Marvel Universe Live Costume Designer, said in a statement on Facebook.

Nordstrom also spoke to IGN about the creative process for some of the villains.

"Dr. Aldrich Killian's complexity lies far beneath his 'clothes.' On the outside he is exact, polished and crisp in his suiting and silk shirt, as a modern scientist would be," Nordstrom explained. "His complexity for me is in his anger and the resulting transformation that overtakes his body, which takes me to a new level of layered science in clothing."

For updates relating to "Marvel Universe LIVE!", follow the show's official Facebook page here. You can also check out IGN's exclusive villain sketches here.

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